Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sound of the Heart, by Genevieve Graham

Dougal MacDonnell, never was there a more Scottish name, nor was there so fierce a Highlander.  Having lost his family during a battle against the English, Dougal determines to never forgive the English dogs.  For years he is happy and content, having found his soul mate, Glenna, in the most unexpected of places.  But when Glenna is shipped to the English Colonies as an indentured servant, Dougal will stop at nothing to find her.  Even if it means aligning himself with the English Army.

Have you ever read a book that creates its own music in your mind?  That is what this book did for me.  It was if the story had its own soundtrack that played along as I read, a dreamy, romantic, passionate soundtrack.  Genevieve has once again created an intensely romantic story, with characters that you cannot help but adore.  Dougal is a man who just never quits, never gives up; what woman does not want a man who will travel the world to win her back?  He is an intense character, a paradox of a fierce warrior, yet so tender and loving when it comes to Glenna.

And Glenna, well, if ever there were a twist of a character, this girl is it.  She is certainly no shrinking violet.  In the book, she states that if she must be a flower, she would consider herself a thistle.  Never was a more accurate comparison made.  But she is not prickly with Dougal; on the contrary, their love is full of softness and emotion.

The storyworld created is so vivid.  While I am not terribly familiar with Scottish history or culture, I was still able to follow the story easily, and get pulled into the setting.  I loved reading the dialogue, imagining a thick brogue in my mind, and how can you not imagine smoldering warrior in a kilt?

The writing is solid, presenting both Dougal and Glenna's points of view.  I must say, I much preferred Dougal's, as it really allowed us to see that paradox between his brawn and his heart.  The concepts of secrets plays a role in the story, with both main characters keeping a secret from each other, and the revelations of which help the fall deeply in love.

The book is sure to appeal to lovers of historical fiction and of course romance novels.  I found the book totally swoonworthy, and I would take Dougal MacDonnell over Christian Grey any day of the week.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author and publisher.

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