Saturday, May 12, 2012

Puzzlebook Trilogy, by the Grabarchuk Family

Do you like logic puzzles?  Want to find an interactive ebook to use with your kids?  Going on a long trip with only your iphone to entertain you?  Well, if you answered yes to these questions, this trilogy is probably going to be perfect for you.  This interactive book contains over 300 puzzles at various levels of difficulty.

My husband in a big puzzle person; often we pore over game magazines when on trips or on rainy weekends.  He is the perfect demographic for there books.  I am not as much of a puzzle person, but I still enjoyed these puzzles.  The trilogy is well designed, with the puzzles being in rich color.  That means this book is probably best on a kindle Fire, computer, or iPhone/iPad.  These puzzles would not be as fun without the color.  I chose to use my iPhone for this, since using the computer means I have to adjust my settings to make sure the pages display correctly.  

All in all, this delivers a good interactive experience.  The trilogy is broken down into the individual volumes, with each new volume starting with a pictoral table of contents of sorts.  The only thing that was difficult on the iPhone is that, even with the typeface at its lowest setting, some of the puzzle answer selections are at the bottom of the page, and it overlapped with the menu of the kindle application; similarly, I occasionally saw the next puzzle's solution as opposed to returning to the puzzle I had just solved, because the selection buttons overlapped with the application menu area.  

My advice for people purchasing this trilogy is to take your time going through it.  For the purposes of the review, I went from start to finish in one sitting, and found that the puzzles can feel a bit repetitive if you do that, stealing some of the fun from the process.  Savor this trilogy over a week or so, and I think it will increase your enjoyment.

I received a review copy of this book courtesy of the author.

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