Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Red Herring, by J.D. Bowen

A change in political leadership had Calvin Stamps angry and suffering from a string of bad luck.  But would that be enough to cause him to go on a killing spree?  Someone is clearly framing him, but who, and why? That is what Jon Archer has to find out.  The shadowy man behind the killings will not stop until he gets all the way to the President, and Archer and his team are scrambling to stop the bloodshed.  Will they prevail?  And will they learn who put the shadowy man up to it?

When a book is titled Red Herring, you know for sure that you are going to be led down a path of mystery, suspense, and confusion, ending with an AH HA moment as the story reveals the truth.  This book delivers all that and more.  Once again, Bowen gives us a fast paced, thrilling story.  The story really takes of from the first page of the book and the action never stops.  You have a couple of different story aspects going on at once, and the juxtaposition of scenes makes the story race along.  Before I realized it, I had read the whole book cover to cover.  I was definitely pulled into the story.

I like that as the Jon Archer series continues, we get to see more and more of his personality.  We got to see some glimpses of his romantic life, as well as his interactions with his staff, that make him a more well rounded character.  Action packed books rarely have characters the reader cares about, they focus more on the action, but not with the Jon Archer books.  I love that not only is the story well developed, so are the characters.

All in all, I am calling this another win for J.D. Bowen.  Anyone who can make this Jane Austen lover into a Jon Archer fan has got to be talented.

I received a review book courtesy of the author.

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