Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stir Until Thoroughly Confused, by Heather Wardell

Stir Until Thoroughly ConfusedAll her life, Mary dreamed of being a chef in a top restaurant, but her husband never supported her ambitions.  After years of submitting to him, Mary left to pursue her dreams in Toronto.  The road was hard, but with persistence, Mary landed the job as the chef for not one but two hot restaurants, with an even hotter owner.  But eventually, Mary will be once again put in the position to chose either her career or love.  Which way will she go?

Once again, Heather Wardell has completely captivated me, and doggone it, I think I can no longer say I am not a fan of romance novels.  Because this is one seriously romantic novel, and I just love it.  But if you are looking for one of "those" kind of romance novels, with cheesy dialogue and period piece erotica, keep moving, because this book is out of your league.  Wardell shows us that romance is more than just sex, yet still keeps it sexy.  And classy.

Mary is a character that is familiar to many women, since so many women in their thirties and forties were in her position, forced to chose between career and love.  I like that we see Mary struggle, and sacrifice, and really pull herself up by her bootstraps.  I love her determination, it makes her seem so, well, human.

I especially like the not so likable characters in the book, like Brian and Crystal.  I love a good villain, or even a good pest, and these two were a nice subplot.  The storyline did not take the obvious turns, such as making the ex husband the villain.  A lot of real thought went into the story, and I really appreciated it.

All in all, I really enjoyed the book.  I love food, I love to cook, and I love love, so what is there not to like in this story, right?  So, I hereby give up my status as a non-fan of romance novels, provided they are romance novels like this once, which are more novel with romance, instead of erotic literature.  Continue keeping it classy Heather, because I love it, and this book still had plenty of heat.

A review copy was provided courtesy of the author.

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