Thursday, January 6, 2011

Glass, by Ellen Hopkins

GlassKristina is back after the birth of her son, Hunter.  And it does not take long her for to want to dance with the monster again.  This time, she is introduced to a much more powerful form of the drug, called glass, which is smoked.  In no time, she is hooked again. And now, she is in love, with a man named Trey.  It frightens Kristina to think she may love him more than she loves her child, and it frightens her even more to think she loves the glass most of all.

Yet another powerful chapter in Kristina's saga.  I have to say, the empathy that I felt for her in the first book really quickly wore off.  My empathy quickly transferred to her child.  In this second installment, Kristina seems to be a completely different person, even more overtaken by the monster.  And Bree is not mentioned so much.  She is clearly still there, but Kristina is no longer Kristina or Bree, is is just....a junkie.

I have really come to love Hopkins' style of writing in verse form.  It provides a much deeper intensity than a simple narrative would, and I love the fact that I need to read each page 2-3 times to find all the hidden messages.  Honestly, I hardly realize the poetic structure when I am reading, I get so lost in the story.

It saddens me that this story is so real, so close to the stories suffered by so many, including Hopkins and her family.  The book is intense, and dark, and, in my opinion, extremely important.  I am certain I will not go back and re-read Fallout, the book that first introduced me to Kristina.  And I think this time, I will see things I did not see the last time.  I am quite certain I will be a reader of Hopkins' work for a very long time.