Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wolf's Trap, by W.D. Gagliani

Wolf's TrapDetective Nick Lupo has a secret, and Martin knows what it is; Martin knows that lurking inside Nick is a very hairy creature, and Martin wants to see it die.  Unfortunately, the evil inside Martin is far worse that the creature inside of Nick.  In the process of trying to destroy Nick, Martin kills many innocent people, and once Nick determines who is behind the killings, he determines to stop Martin.  What will happen when the showdown occurs?

Whew.  What a book.  I have to admit, in the current cultural vampires vs. werewolves debate, I have usually been Team Vampire all the way.  This book, well, this book is making me rethink my stance.  Gagliani somehow manages to make a werewolf not only likeable, but sexy and noble as well.  I am amazed.

The development of the character and backstory of Nick Lupo is fantastic.  I love the narrative changing points of view, and time frames, in order to slowly bring the big picture into focus.  This is a method that, when not used properly, can leave a reader confused and disoriented, but in Wolf's Trap, it is executed flawlessly.

There is a very clear theme of man struggling with two natures of his being.  We see it within Martin, as well as Nick, and to a certain extent, in some of the more ancillary characters.  While there is clear violence and sexuality in the book, it is within the scope of the plot, so it is well within context.  The book will appeal to fans of horror literature, particularly other readers who are Team Werewolf.  There is also an element of psychological thriller to the book, so those fans would be well pleased too.

As this is the first in a series, I am anxious to see how the sequel measures up. 

A review copy of this book was provided courtesy of the author.

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