Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Reading Challenge Update

As you all know, I joined a Summer Reading Challenge  at the Community Bookstop.

I committed to reading 25 books during the Challenge.  As of today, I have read 21, and posted the reviews for 20!  I am so proud of myself, because I have also been spending a lot of time with my friends and Hubby, so to have nearly accomplished this goal before August even starts is pretty amazing!  I hope you are all enjoying the reviews!

In the hopes of meeting new bloggers, I am joining some hops this week.

First off is the Crazy for Books book blogger hop.  We are supposed to talk about our favorite authors, and why they are our favorite.  I have so many favorites, but I will choose 2 about whom I will speak.  First is Stephen King, one of my favorites because his stories are memorable and I love to be scared.  Another favorite is Nicholas Sparks, because his stories are usually set in the Outer Banks area, and I absolutely love it there.  I can almost feel the breeze on my skin when I read his books.

There are tons of other hops I am joining too, so check them out!

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