Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crossed Out, by Kim Baccellia

Crossed OutStephanie is not your typical teenage girl.  You see, she can see the dead.  Specifically, she sees visions of people dying, and has to go guide their spirits the the afterlife using talismans.  However, when one spirit continues to visit her and warn her of danger, Stephanie realizes there is a whole lot she does not understand.  One of the things she does not understand is Mark, the new, hot guy in school.  Who is this guy, and why is he so interested in Stephanie?

What a fantastic book this is Kim Baccellia!  I have to admit, when I first realized it was the whole "I see dead people" premise, I was concerned that it would be a bit stale.  However, Kim puts a creative, original new twist on the idea, and her plot leaves you tingling with anticipation for the next page.

I really enjoyed Stephanie's character.  Again, it speaks to the feeling of isolation that many teens feel.  The idea that there is something odd or weird about us is one many of us have, and in that way, we can really relate to many of the characters in the book.  The idea that it is our differences that bring us together as a collective really resonates within the book.

It is a really good example of young adult fiction, and will probably most appeal to young female writers.  There is a slight romantic element, and a strong paranormal element, so fans of those genres will be well pleased.  However, I think at the very heart of it, the story is about belonging, and who among us can't relate?  I do recommend this book as a nice summer read for high school aged readers and older.  I am greatly looking to the follow up book that is in the works, because there is a nice bit of a cliff hanger surrounding Stephanie and her mom.  Overall, a quality read.

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  1. Thanks for such a great review! Yes, I'm working right now on a sequel that will answer a few of those questions!