Tuesday, October 16, 2012

War Stories, by Elizabeth Doyle

War means different things to different people.  There are literal military definitions, such as Vietnam, as well as more metaphoric definitions, such as the wars found in everyday life.  We all have our own wars to face, and we all carry the scars of battle, both inside and out.  Set against a variety of backdrops, the stories in this collection explore the reasons behind and the implications of many different types of war.

Despite it's diminutive size, this collection of short stories packs a walloping emotional punch.  With the turn of each page, pain, despair, regret, hope, and youth all pour out onto the reader with so much intensity, at times I found it hard to breath.  I found that I could really only read one story at a time, so as to absorb the full meaning.  

Although these stories are short, the characters within them a memorable and richly developed within just a few pages.  These characters seemed real, they could be your neighbor, a person at your church, or in some instances, they could be you.  I think this relatability of the characters really heightened the emotional impact of the writing.

I found the writing to be simple, easily flowing, but it was clear that each word was chosen for a specific purpose.  A large, flowery vocabulary was not necessary for the author, her style alone was impactful.  I think that this book would be great for fans of short stories, and this book would be an excellent addition to high school literature curriculum, to introduce students to the modern short story.

I received a review copy courtesy of Tribute Book Blog Tours, in exchange for my honest review.  See the rest of the tour here.

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