Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gold Magic, by John Booth

His entire life, Paul has suffered mysterious illnesses.  During his most recent hospitalization, he meets Sarah, and realizes he has telepathic abilities.  When he realizes he is reading the thoughts of a terrorist planning a mass attack, Paul enlists Sarah's help in tracking down the terrorist and trying to stop the attack.  Clearly, something dark is afoot.  In the midst of the whole situation, it becomes apparent that Paul has an unusual connection to the Grange family.

This third installment of the Magic series is so much different from the first two, in my opinion.  We still have wonderful well developed characters, great storytelling, and tongue in cheek humor, the nature of the story is slightly different.  There are definite elements of espionage and political drama with in this story, and less emphasis on the supernatural.

Paul and Sarah are quite charming, as far as characters go.  I feel like the seem quite genuine, and imperfect, and that is what makes them so interesting to me.  I really loved their interactions, and the portrait of their blossoming relationship.  I found myself rooting for them.  In general, the characters are vivid and engaging, even the nasty ones.

The only thing I missed from this book was more interaction with the Grange children and the Dees.  They are not totally absent, but it takes quite some time before the story is connected to them.  Because I love them so much, I found msyself wishing for more of them.  In fact, I want another story, one starring the Dees, and focusing more on the Source, because I think there are still stories to be told there.

All in all, another great story.  It is interesting to see the story go in such a different direction, and it just goes to show Booth's versatility as an author.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author and publisher.

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