Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Splattered Blood, by Michael A. Draper

Johnny worked in security for a professional basketball team.  When he turns up dead, it looks like a suicide.  His widow Roseanne, her brother Graham, and her friend Randy, push the police to take a second look, and it turns out to be murder.  The trio is dissatisfied with the lack of progress on the case, so they take matters into their own hands.  Before they know it, they are deep into the world of drugs, gangs, and Russian mafia.  But will they be able to catch the killer?

This book has a cinematic quality to it.  There are serious action sequences quite early in the book.  The title is completely appropriate, since less than a third of the way into the book I lost count of the bodies that had piled up.  There is a lot of violence in this book, but it is not overly graphic or gratuitous.  The violence serves the purpose to further the storyline.  Nothing happens in this book without a purpose.

The character development is typical to a thriller murder mystery.  We do not get overly close to the characters, except maybe for Randy.  We do get a bit of a personal look into Randy's psyche.  But all the characters are developed thoroughly within the boundaries of the story.  In a story like this, we do not need to get to close to the characters, we need to focus on the action as apposed to the relationships among the characters.

Unfortunately, I do not know enough about the world of gangs and drugs to speak to the novel in terms of realism.  From my point of view, the book seemed jam packed with a lot of intensity and action.  The reader is pushed further and further into the book to learn who is behind all this death.  I think fans of thrillers and murder mysteries will enjoy this book.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author.

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