Friday, July 29, 2011

Mormonism Mama and Me, by Themla Greer

Mormonism Mama And MeThelma was raised in the Mormon Church, a descendant of a man who was once close to Brigham Young himself.  As a child she basked in the tenets of a faith, but as an adult, she began asking some questions, which lead her to leave the Church, and begin investigating other forms of Christianity.  Now, she shares her beliefs about Mormonism with others, in the hopes of winning their souls for Jesus.

Before reading this book, I will admit my knowledge of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was limited to here say.  I had never really discussed the tenets of the faith, or done any of my own research.  After watching some movies and having exposure to various types of media that referenced Mormonism, I found myself fascinated, so this book seemed like a great place to start.

It almost goes without saying that this book is not well received or appreciated by anyone who is a staunch Mormon.  And I went into reading the book with caution.  Anyone who defects from any group, religious or otherwise, is bound to hold low opinions of that group, and want to point out the faults of the group.  But, to my non-Mormon self, I felt like this book did a fairly good job of pointing out some facts about the Mormon faith, even if slantedly so.  Some of the tenets discussed are no longer held by the LDS church, so I believe one must still approach this book with a discriminating eye.

One thing I do wish about the book is that it contained more personal information, and resembled more of a memoir.  Thelma talks of her own conversion, as well as her mother's, to Christianity in an somewhat abrupt manner.  I wish it had been a bit more personal.

Overall, not a bad place to start for someone looking to learn more about Mormonism, even is some of it is simply opinion based.

This book is from my personal library.

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