Monday, March 28, 2011

Strings Attached, by Judy Blundell

Strings AttachedKit has dreamed of being an entertainer since her childhood days as part of the Corrigan Three.  So it comes as no surprise that she ends up in New York City, pursuing her dreams.  However, everything has a cost.  Kit's dreams may well end up costing her relationship with Billy.  When Billy's father steps in to try to patch things up, the whole situation gets unbelievably twisted.  As the situation evolves, Kit begins to realize that her family and Billy's family have been entangled in ways she never imagined.

Once again, Blundell creates a world of crime filled, thrilling drama for young adult readers. The plot is complex, and one really has to see the book to the end to really grasp the intensity of the story.  The setting spans several years between the mid 1940's an 1950.  At times, it can seem a bit confusing, the way the timeline shifts every chapter, but at the end, it all makes sense.  It is worth pushing through the jerky rhythm of the timeline for the payoff at the end.

The story is complex, and so are the characters.  Many characters are dealing with buried guilt, either real or perceived.  The story also emphasize the serious consequences of one's actions.  I think that both of these themes are important for young adult readers to see in books.  While a lot of the plot deals with intense mature themes, such as criminal behavior and adultery, the book is more than suitable for high school aged readers.  Kit's character is a teenager, and many young adult readers will be able to relate to her.  As an adult reader, I have to say I was thoroughly drawn in by the book.  I would recommend it to readers, adult and young adult alike.

I received this book as part of the Amazon Vine review program.