Saturday, March 5, 2011

Perhaps...Perhaps, by LA Dale

Perhaps .... PerhapsFlora is a sensible girl, who wears sensible clothes, and always makes sure her panties match her bra.  Probably the least likely woman to have a steamy affair, particularly with her boss.  But it seems this little flower has finally blossomed.  The only problem is Flora also has a secret admirer, and he does not like the direction her life is taking.  As Flora falls deeper and deeper, her admirer gets darker and darker.  What will happen to this delicate flower?

I adored this book.  That is it, between this and some of the other wonderful romance novels I have reviewed in the past few months, I have officially become a fan of romance novels, but only the good ones, with great storylines.  This book absolutely stole my heart.  I adore Flora, and thought it was brilliant the way we watched her become the woman she really wanted to be.  What woman has not felt like reinventing herself?  That is what makes Flora such a believable, relatable character.

As for the romance, it was just the right amount of steam for me.  Clearly there was passion between these two characters, but none of it was described in a lurid or disgusting manner.  It was, well, it was a passionate romance.  There were some aspects that I am sure some readers may find morally questionable, but to me, it just made the story more realistic.

I love when a book is not able to be pigeon holed into just one genre, so the addition of suspense by way of Flora's admirer was one of my favorite aspects of the book.  There is no huge attempt to cover up who the admirer is, I figured it out pretty quickly.  It is what the person does that leaves you in suspense.  When the reveal scene happens, it was way more intense than I expected.  So, catching me by surprise with a stalker whose identity I already knew?  That is talent.

All in all, I highly recommend this book for fans of romance novels that have good, solid story lines.  You will get more than you bargained for with this, and in the best possible way.

I received a review copy of the book courtesy of the publisher.