Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trial By Fire, by Cara Putman

Trial by Fire is the follow up book to Deadly Exposure. Cara Putman revives her characters of Caleb Jamison and Dani Richardson from Deadly Exposure. This time, it is Caleb’s sister, Tricia, who is in trouble. A tough as nails county prosecutor, Tricia is used to dealing with difficult and painful situations in her professional life. However, when one of her cases exposes some pain from her past personal life, she is forced to show her weakness to those around her.

At the same time, an arsonist is targeting the people that Tricia loves, forcing her to continue to cross paths with fire fighter Noah Brust. Will Caleb and Noah be able to find the arsonist before he gets to Tricia? Will Tricia be able to open her heart?

Trial by Fire, like its predecessor, is an action packed mystery that readers will find difficult to put down. The story is powerful, echoing the struggles many female readers will find too familiar. The characters of Tricia and Noah are well developed, and Tricia’s back story is woven into the books plot seamlessly.

The book is the Christian equivalent to a Harlequin novel. It is a short and easy read, but still very captivating. If you liked Deadly Exposure, you will love Trial By Fire. If you have not read either, but have read similar suspenseful romances in the past, whether Christian or not, chances are that you will enjoy both books by Putman.

This book was provided to me free of charge courtesy of the Christian Review of Books.