Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Unforgivable Fix, by T.E. Woods

When Mort wants to walk away from his past, but his top priority needs to be keeping his daughter safe.  Despite the fact that he had not been in contact with her for some time, when she comes to him for help.  Mort knows that his only hope for keeping her safe is The Fixer, but this might not be something even The Fixer can fix.

I continue to be enamored with this series.  I think the writing is really solid; I feel like I know the recurring characters well at this point, but the new characters, including the new villains, continue to be well developed and keep things fresh.  The plot is fast paced, and full of twists, so it really kept me guessing all the way through, just like her books have in the past.  

I really like that Lydia's character continues to develop through the series.  We learn more of her history and backstory, and I personally felt like it helped me connect better to her character.  This series continues to be solid, yet still surprises me and catches me off guard.  Which is a very good thing indeed.

I received a review copy courtesy of TLC Book Tours in exchange for my honest review.  See the rest of the tour here.
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