Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Spirit Keeper, by K.B. Laugheed

Katie's family are Irish exiles living in the wild new colonies that will become America.  When her family is ambushed by Native Americans, Katie, her mother, and some of her siblings are captured.  Quickly, Katie forms a bond with her captors Syawa (a holyman) and Hector.  She chooses to leave her family and journey with the Native men back to their people; she has no idea what a journey it will end up being.

I thought this book was absolutely beautiful.  The writing is simple, and concise, but still so eloquent.  I loved hearing the story from Katie's point of view, and watching her bond with the two men throughout their journey.  I also liked how the story pointed out that Katie was unaware of her true abilities and strengths until Syawa pointed them out to her.  She often doubted Syawa's visions, but he was always correct, even if not in the way she expected.  It was a good metaphor for how we all doubt our own worth, and unable to see ourselves as others see us.

I thought the character development was incredible, and multi-layered.  Katie finds acceptance and love with men labeled as savages, while her own family end up being more savage than anyone.  I loved the way Katie related to each man, and how the men related to each other.  I found it interested to watch the dynamics shift over the course of the story.

All in all, I just found this book to be quite lovely.  It was a quick easy read that drew me in from the very beginning.

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