Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nobody Has to Know, by Frank Nappi

Cam is the favorite teacher in the high school.  Young, attractive, energetic, encouraging, and a real mentor for his students.  He connects with his students in a unique way.  However, when one particular student begins to connect with him on a deep emotional and romantic level, Cam heads down a path of self destruction that will take amazing twists and turns.

This was a really amazing story.  One part Lolita, one part Pretty Little Liars, and one part Twilight Zone.  While the story of a teacher getting involved with a student is nothing new, the author certainly puts a unique and thrilling spin on it in this book.  What I liked best about the story was just when you think you know where it is going, a new twist is thrown at you.  It keeps you on your toes as a reader, and I was really surprised at the ending.  The action moves quickly from the beginning, and kept me glued to the book.  I finished the book in about 3 hours, because I just could not put it down.  

The only drawback for the book, for me, was the character development.  I found the characters to be a little flat, not as robustly developed as I would have liked.  This is not a terribly unusual thing for thrillers, often developing the action is a higher priority, and the action was certainly well developed in the story.  However, I found myself unable to connect with the characters.  Had there been just a bit more development of them upfront, I think I would have felt the pain of the story a lot more intensely.  As it was, I had no pity for Cam, but I had no anger for him either.  This is just a personal preference, wishing for more character development.  The story certainly works as it is.

I received a review copy courtesy of Tribute Book Tours in return for my honest opinion.  See the rest of the tour here.

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  1. Tiffany, glad you enjoyed Frank's book. Thanks for the review!

  2. P.S. For early December, Frank is donating all of the proceeds from the sale of 'Nobody Has to Know' to support recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy. His own community where he teaches high school English, Oceanside, was devastated by the storm.

  3. Tiffany - I really enjoyed the review and am glad you had a good time reading NHTK.

    "One part Lolita, one part Pretty Little Liars, and one part Twilight Zone." - one of my favorite lines ever written about the book!

    Thanks again for your time and comments.

    Frank Nappi