Monday, June 25, 2012

Simmer, by Kaitlyn Davis

Now fully aware of who she is, and the impact of her existence on mankind, Kira visits a conduit community, where she meets more of her own kind, including some relatives.  It becomes clear that Luke's feelings for Kira are more than just brotherly; Kira finds herself confused regarding their relationship, as well as her relationship with Tristan.  Kira learns her own power, and finds herself a bit frightened of it.

For a series that had a shaky start, I was really happy with the way this book turned out.  I feel like the storyline in this book moved quicker, and kept me more interested.  I felt like the story really lost that Twilight feeling, and developed its own identity, which I think is probably the best thing that could happen for this series.  

I really enjoy Kira's character, she is no wall flower.  She has strength and power, something rarely seen in young adult paranormal romances.  I like seeing Kira develop, and learning more about her relationships.  I am particularly interested to see where the love triangle aspect of the story leads in the future.

The editing was much tighter than the initial book in this series, so I really enjoyed the book a whole lot more than I anticipated I would.  I think this is a solid series for fans of vampire love stories.  It will certainly appeal to young adult readers of paranormal fiction, and adult readers as well.

I received a review copy as part of Tribute Book Tours. See the rest of the tour here.

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