Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Puzzlebook: 20 Easter Puzzle Quizzes, by the Grabarchuk Family

This Kindle book is filled with interactive color puzzles specifically designed for the Easter season.  Fully interactive, selecting the correct answer will take you to the solution page, while the wrong answer will send you to a page prompting you to try again.  Puzzles start off easy and increase in difficulty as the book progresses.

This was a much different kind of book for me to review.  While my husband is the real puzzle lover in the family, I enjoy a good puzzle or trial of logic now and then, so I thought this would be a good book to try.  This was my first encounter with an interactive Kindle book.  Since I do not have a Kindle Fire, and my Kindle is in black and white, I first tried the book on my Kindle for PC.  It was really fun, until I encountered a technical issue.  Due to the text per line and text size setting on my application, I encountered a few puzzles where the answer selection choices were spread across two pages, and the ones on the second page did not respond to clicking.  This is easily rectified by switching to a smaller font size, so that all answers appear on the same page.  The parameters for best viewing are listing at the end of the table of contents, so be sure you pay attention and set the text accordingly!  I also tried the book in my iPhone Kindle application, and it worked perfectly.

Technical parameters aside, I really enjoyed this book.  The puzzles were unique, quite different from the same old same old you find in many puzzle books.  Some were easy, some I found a little challenging.  Which is exactly what the book promises.  This would be a perfect ebook to give as a gift to a game lover, or an older child who has outgrown an Easter basket.

This was my first encounter with an interactive Kindle book, and I must say I found it really intriguing.  In a world where everything is becoming more tech savvy and interactive, I found this to be a cool alternative to standard paper and pencil puzzles.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author.

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