Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kiss, Crush, Collide, by Christina Meredith

Leah is just like her sisters.  The youngest of three, she often feels like her life is predetermined, and she sees in future in the paths of her sisters.  She feels as if she has no control of that path, until she meets a boy who will rock her world.  Will she be strong enough to be her own person, despite what it may cost her?

This is kind of like a Harlequin romance for teens.  The story is not awful, but also not exceptional.  The characters of not developed to a deep, meaningful level, just enough to keep the story moving at a decent pace.  This is a standard young adult type book; in terms of the writing it is quite appropriate for young adults, but not enough story or drama to really pull in an adult reader.

I really did like Leah's character, and felt she was pretty relatable.  I think many young female readers will connect to her yearning to be her own person; personal identity is a real struggle for so many young adults.  However, the Porter character is so much of a mystery to me.  I mean, we do not even know his real name for half the book, he barely speaks.  I just do not "get" him I guess.

All in all, this book was just O.K.  Nothing earth shattering, and not likely to draw many adult readers.

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