Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Was a Seventh Grade Monster Hunter, by A.G. Kent

Hannah is not your typical seventh grader.  She was born into a family with a legacy- a family of monster hunters descended from the great Bram Stoker himself.  Her grandfather has left her with instructions and tools to help fight evil forces and protect her family, but does Hannah really have what it takes?  Surely if Hannah can deal with boys, she can deal with monsters, right?

I absolutely loved this book.  I have been a fan of horror and thriller books since I was a kid, but back then there was a real lack of these types of books that were age appropriate.  By the time Goosebumps hit the scene, I was out of that demographic, and reading adult horror.  So it makes me really happy that a good, quality, horror/thriller series is being published for older middle grades and young adult readers!

Kent does a brilliant job of resurrecting the movie monsters of old, and breathing new life into them.  I can imagine after reading this book, a lot of kids will want to watch the old Universal classic horror films, which makes me ridiculously happy.  I loved the character development and back story of Hannah's family, and am excited to see what secrets the rest of the series will share about Bram Stoker's progeny.

The story is really original, and I love that what we typically think of as monsters are actually, in this book, the good guys.  The writing weaves together thrills and humor in a way that is sure to keep readers engaged.  This book would make a great Halloween treat for your little ghost or goblin, and even perhaps an adult who is still a kid at heart (like me).

I received a review copy courtesy of the author.

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