Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just My Type, by Simon Garfield

Have you ever wondered why there are so many fonts and typefaces?  What are their differences meant to imply?  What makes a font good or bad?  And why do so many people hate the font Comic Sans?  All these questions, and many more, as answered  with a book that balances fact with humor.

Just My Type is not the sort of book I would normally choose, but when an opportunity arose to review it, I decided to think outside the literary box and go for it; I am glad that I did.  I found this book truly fascinating, and I certainly learned a lot.  I will never look at fonts the same, nor will I take for granted the thought that goes into the creation and use of various fonts.

I found the book to be smart, and witty.  There was a good balance of historical fact and tongue in cheek tales about the creation of different fonts throughout the history of press.  I will admit, when I first began reading the book, I found myself actually distracted by the fonts used in the printing of the book, focusing on the very concepts being discussed.  How ironic, right?

While font purists may think this book is a little too glib, for the everyday person, I thought this book was a great peek into the world of typography and the work that goes on behind the scenes.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about topics a little off the beaten path.

 received a review copy of this book through the publisher and Crazy Book Tours.

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