Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Inadequate Conception, by Lori Green LeRoy

The Inadequate Conception: From Barry White to Blastocytes: What your mom didn't tell you about getting pregnantSo many women have problems with fertility, and it is easy to feel angry and frustrated, as if everyone else is having babies but you.  When the author and her husband began down the long, winding road of fertility treatments, she realizes that for her, the only way she is going to get through it is by keeping a sense of humor.  She is not making light of infertility, as it is a very serious issue for so many women; instead, she is doing what she needs to do to get by.

This is such a charming book.  I know so many women who have suffered the heartbreaking trial of infertility.  And each woman handles it in her own way.  It is poignantly sweet to see this author showing humor to cope.  Her stories are honest to the point of complete vulnerability, and bound to make you chuckle, but also apt to make your heart ache a little.

I love the frankenss of this book.  So many women who have struggled with fertility will find this book relatable.  But I can also see where the book might be a difficult read for women not in a place where the can see any humor in their fertility trials and tribulations, so keep that in mind when reading or recommending the book.  It may not be for everybody, and that is ok, because if this book can make just one woman smile and feel less alone in her journey toward motherhood, then in my opinion, it has done it's job well.

I received a touring copy of this book courtesy of Crazy Book Tours.

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