Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jason Dark, Ghost Hunter: Volume VII Dead By Dawn, by Guido Henkel

Dead by Dawn (Jason Dark - Ghost Hunter)Jason Dark and Siu Lin are back in the latest installment of the Jason Dark series.  This time, there are a series of daily unexplained deaths, and even odder, numerous owl sightings.  Are the two odd occurrences linked?  Jason Dark is the man to find out.  While on the case, he runs into a mysterious street hawker selling snake oil.  How does this huckster factor into the whole mystery?

As always, Henkel produces a fantastic story.  It serves as not only a great chapter within the Jason Dark series, but also a terrific stand alone story.  As he has shown throughout all the previous installments, Henkel continues to develop the characters of Jason Dark and Siu Lin, and I felt as though this book, in particular, showed an even deeper development of their relationship, not only as partners, but as something...more.  I am excited about the options that may loom on the horizon for these two, and the directions future stories may take.

Guido warned me that this book was a little different from the earlier ones, and I have to say, I agree.  It has a much darker feel to it, and, while I loved the classic literary feel and many homages in the previous installments, this new, more gothic feeling is good.  It lends an intense, moody, and somewhat macabre feeling to the story, making it feel less like Sherlock, and more like Hitchcock.  I am liking this a lot.  It's very Poe-etic, if I can coin a very cheesy pun.

I would caution anyone new to the Jason Dark series, do not start with this one.  First of all, take some time to learn the back story of these characters, it is worth it.  Also, this story, as I said, is different from the past ones, but the past ones are equally awesome, so see where Dark's been, before you see where he's going.

All in all, another great story, that only leaves me wanting more.

A review copy of this book was provided courtesy of the author.