Friday, April 23, 2010

My Bangs Look Good & Other Lies I Tell Myself, by Susanna Foth Aughtmon

Note: The full title of the book is My Bangs Look Good & Other Lies I Tell Myself: The Tired Supergirl’s Search for Truth

In this book, Susanna goes through over twenty common lies we tell ourselves, about who we are, who we need to be, who God is, and what He wants for our lives. Each chapter reviews a common lie we may have told ourselves, and uses scripture, and common sense, to dispel the lie, and bright the truth to light.

I cannot tell you how much I adored this book. I read the majority of it on my recent vacation, and it brought me so much joy and peace that I am convinced I enjoyed my trip so much more, all because of Susanna. Susanna has a fantastic wit and sense of humor. It was not even like I was reading a book, it was like I was having lunch and chatting with an old friend. I found so much in this book completely relatable.

As women, we often feel like we lack good role models, and that as a result, we have to chase perfection in order to earn God’s love. This book shows that instead of chasing perfection, we need to chase Jesus, and know that God, while desiring us to be open to change and His will for our life, loves us right where we are, here and now.

Sometimes I have felt as if no one would understand the crazy, contradictory thoughts about God, and who He was, and who He wanted me to be, that swirled through my head. Church teachings sometimes were not personalized enough to touch my heart or make me feel safe. But this book really moved me, and set in motion the winds of change. This book was so cleansing, and came at such the perfect time in my life. It is certainly a book I will revisit when I feel the seduction of lies like “God doesn’t hear me” or “I am never going to be free”, because I know the world will present opportunity for these lies to try to win me over.

This is a wonderfully empowering book for women of all ages, and I would strongly recommend anyone with a daughter high school or college age to purchase this book for them, to help them on their journeys as supergirls.

This book was provided for review free courtesy of Christian Review of Books.