Wednesday, November 16, 2011

31 Dates in 31 Days, by Tamara Durika Johnson

Tamara had been through quite a few breakups and failed relationships, so, upon turning 31, she decided to change her views on dating and relationships by undergoing a dating experiment.  She would go on 31 dates in 31 days.  The first 30 would all be first dates, some with people she knew, some with blind dates, and she would blog about each one.  The final date would be on Valentine's Day, and she would let her blog readers help decide which of her 30 first dates would get a second date on Valentine's Day.  She had no idea what she had gotten herself into.

I wish a book like this had existed when I was still single.  I was the girl who was always in a relationship, from the time I started dating in high school.  Consequently, I was also the girl who went through lots of bad breakups.  By the time I was in my late 20s, I was starting to lose hope, so I know exactly how Tamara was feeling.  I felt like this book spoke to my soul.  Even though I have found my soulmate, and we married two years ago, I remember going through everything Tamara went through, and that is why I felt so connected to this book.

Tamara writes honestly, and from the heart.  While she does tend to see the positive side of each of the dates, she is brutally honest about how she feels about herself.  I loved the message of this book, and my favorite part is how, during an interview, she explained that while not all of her 30 dates were her prince charming, each of them was someone's prince charming, and deserved to be treated with respect.  I also enjoyed how Tamara talked about the experiment changing her view of and love for all people, not just men.

I highly recommend this book for all single girls, to show not only do good men still exist, but that sometimes, to find love, we need to adjust our own ways of thinking, and step outside the box.

I received a review copy courtesy of the publisher.

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