Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to Meet a Guy at the Supermarket, by Jessica L. Degarmo

How To Meet A Guy At The SupermarketQuinn has gone through a real dry spell with her love life.  She decides she wants to find a nice guy and settle down, but clearly her current methods are not working, so she formulates a plan; she will meet a man at the supermarket.  For months she makes a weekly trip to shop for a man, and along the way meets some great people.  But will she ever find Mr. Right?

I started reading this book before bed last night.  I did not go to sleep until I had finished the book, it was that wonderful.  As a woman who got married in her thirties, I totally related to this book, there were many many times I felt just like Quinn.  I was really able to relate to her as a character, and as a result I was very invested in the story.

I loved hearing about Quinn's wacky experiences, and the ridiculous men she met.  It reminded me of so many bad dates I went on before I met Hubby.  I laughed out loud at some of the scenes in the book, and felt bad for Quinn more than once.

I typically am not much of a chick lit reader, because the stories seem so vapid, but this story was so realistic, and really had heart.  I loved it, and I can not wait to read more of Degarmo's writing.  This is a great book for romance lovers, and any woman who has suffered through singlehood will appreciate the story.

A  review copy of this book was provided courtesy of the author.

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